15 Best Cheap Travel Booking Sites

“I don’t catch feelings, I catch flights” 



I have been asked many times how i afford to travel so much and with my girls. Well, here is the simple answer: I start planning my trips in advance and i use certain travel sites to watch and then snag cheap airfare. I am also not loyal to any particular airline, i go with the cheapest one to my destination.

Below is a list of the sites that i’ve used in the past to find cheap airfares in no particular order :

  • Skyscanner (App)
  • Hopper (App)
  • Travel Pirates
  • Secret Flying
  • Travel Zoo
  • Jet Radar (App)
  • Google Flights
  • ITA matrix
  • The flight deal
  • Momondo (App)
  • HipMunk
  • Airfarewatchdog
  • Fare Deal Alert
  • Deals Maven
  • Thriftytraveler


momondo                    goggleflight


I use these sites to watch a particular destination that i want to go and as soon as i see a price reduction, then i buy almost immediatelybecause the prices often don’t last long. Sometimes, when i don’t have anywhere in particular to go, i use these sites to see where i can go cheaply.

I Recommend that you Sign up for newsletters from these sites, download their apps, follow them on twitter, Facebook and Instagram. I will also be posting cheap fares on this blog that i find from time to time. Groupon and living Social are also sites that i have bought travel deals from.


This may look like hard work but if you want to travel a lot, this is what you have to do. Once you are able to snag a cheap airfare, travel generally becomes cheaper and that way, your money goes further for you.


img_8549 Met With Will smith in Las Vegas last Summer 🙂 


Any other travelers have a site they want to recommend? comment below.



Live Inexpensively Always,


Francisca O.





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