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Hi there! I’m so happy you are here….

I’m Francisca Olopade A.K.A Mot or Iya Eri. I’m married to a wonderful Man, Kayode and mother to my beautiful girls. I am a Christian and live my life according to the teachings of my Lord Jesus Christ. I am originally from Nigeria but I’ve been living in the US for 15 years. I live in Katy, TX and I am a substitute teacher.  My passion includes all things travel, finding deals and saving money.



My Frugal Journey

I’ve never liked paying full price for anything.  Whenever I shop, I would look for coupons before going into a store or ask the cashier if there are any deals going on that day that can save me money.  I also shop mostly at stores where I can accrue points for buying. I sign up with stores I usually shop at to receive email coupons from them. I also clip coupons from magazines and check coupon sites like Retailmenot for coupons as well. I save lots of money this way and I hope to share this knowledge with all of you.


About Livinginexpensively.com

This site was borne out of the desire to share tips/advice on how to enjoy life without breaking the bank. Going on trips, taking your kids to places and generally living does not have to be expensive. I usually post all kinds of deals and personal travel trips on my Facebook wall and messages roll into my inbox with questions about how i afford to travel with my kids and requests for help with finding cheap airfare. I then decided to start a Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/liveinexpensively) to answer these questions and also post more deals as I see them.

Much gratitude to Busola of www.faceofcilla.com and www.platinumsilkvirginhair.com , a member of my group and fellow entrepreneur who encouraged me to create a blog since it will bring my ideas to a bigger platform. Hence, livingexpensively.com was born!

 It’s been quite an adventure that has far exceeded my wildest imaginations. Thanks to all you my wonderful readers who will spread the word to grow this blog.


Things I love 

Me and my awesome husband Kayode :)
Me and my awesome husband Kayode 🙂


My girls, my pride & Joy Eriola (6) on the left, Angola (3) on the right
My girls, My pride & Joy 🙂
Eriola (6) on the left, Anjola (3) on the right


When I’m not looking for deals, I enjoy travelling,spending time with my family and friends, Watching HGTV and Law & Order, getting a pedicure,listening to music and reading.