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DIGIT (linked to my checking account) is my favorite free saving app because it studies my spending habits then automatically finds small amounts of money that i don’t spend and saves it for me. Yes! that means no more excuses. I save without even thinking about it and so can you. I signed up with digit in March of this year and i have saved over $200 so far.I like how it puts away little amounts of money that doesn’t feel like i’m saving but i am. The coolest thing about digit is that if i want to save more, i easily send a text within the app and bigger amounts are saved . I also earn $5  for every referral to the app.


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Digit is a very safe app for the following reasons:

  • All money saved is FDIC insured (up to $250,000).
  • All personal information is encrypted and securely stored.
  • There is easy access to my funds. I text “ withdraw” within the app and my money is deposited back into the account that it’s linked to by the next business day.
  • I get rewards on my savings. Digit gives me a cash bonus for hitting my 3-month savings goal.
  • Digit is available for both IOS and android users.

How does digit work?

  • Connect your bank account.
  • Digit saves a little weekly.
  • Access your funds at any time by sending a “withdraw” text to digit.
  • Send Digit a “save more” text if you want more money saved.
  • Boost your savings by referring your friends, get $5 for each referral.

So are you ready to start saving?

It’s very easy to get started with digit, simply click below:


Contact me for any questions you may have about Digit or ask in the comments,


Live Inexpensively Always,

Francisca O.


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