My Very First Solo Trip To Miami

Taking a mirror-fie in H&M …one of the woes of solo tripping is not having someone to take your pic lol

My first Solo Trip to Miami in June 2017 was everything. As you all may know or not know, I lost my little brother earlier in 2017 to a drunk driver. It has been a roller coaster of emotions for me to say the least. We were close, we have always been. We are only 20 months apart. We went to elementary school, high and college together. Even after graduation, we lived together before I got married. It was sudden and unexpected and my family and I are still in a state of shock as you can imagine.

Anyway, I had originally planned to go to Thailand for my birthday but because of the situation, I couldn’t get myself to go too far from home but I knew I needed some time alone to sort out my emotions and clear my head. I thought very hard…I wanted to go somewhere with a nice beach where I could relax. Florida came to mind. Coincidentally, someone in a travel group I belong to made a comment about Miami being a great place for solo travel especially for women and listed all the fun things to do and great places to eat. It was great timing. I did some research and made up my mind that Miami would be the destination for my first solo travel. (First time going somewhere I don’t know anyone who lives there). I was scared but excited.

Miami was everything I Imagined and more. Tropical trees, great food, nice beaches…awesome vibe all the way. I stayed at the Homewood Suites  By Hilton Miami Airport on points. Beautiful hotel with free shuttle to and from the airport, free breakfast and a manager’s special every evening (This saved me money on food). It is expensive to park in Miami so i did not a rent a car, i used Lyft/Uber to get around while there. 

On Day 1, I visited the Vizcaya museum. Beautiful mansion with great history. It’s a beauty to behold. Cameras are not allowed inside so I could only take a few pictures outside. Whenever you in Miami, you have to visit this place. 

Beautiful mansion behind me
Close up photo
Beautiful Garden

Don’t know what those are called

Next stop was the famous south beach on ocean drive. There are a lot of restaurants and shops there. I stopped at DASH store (owned by the Kardashians) and  i also had lunch at the sugar factory, It was a recommended restaurant and I have no regrets. Food was delicious with great atmosphere. I then went across the street to south beach…it was amazing. I sat in the sand and watched the waves for hours. Coincidentally, a friend from elementary school was also in Miami at the time so we met up on the beach and just caught up with each other. We later had dinner at a Cuban restaurant called Havana 1957.

Infront of Sugar Factory looking at South Beach


Delicious lunch at Sugar Factory


Dash store owned by the Kardashians
Beautiful South Beach
Folake, a friend from elementary school happened to be on south beach at the same time

Day 2, I was approached by a Westgate property sales person to attend a timeshare presentation (I always seem to attract sales people lol) in exchange for a free city/boat tour of Miami. I obliged. The tours were awesome; I was able to visit little Havana (an area of town in Miami similar to Havana in Cuba) and also saw Versace’s former mansion which has now been converted to a luxury hotel. The boat cruise took us around the city and i was able to see beautiful Miami skyline. After a long day touring Miami and visiting Miami Beach, I had dinner at Yard Bird :A southern style restaurant. I had chicken which was so good, i forgot to take a pic lol.

Sign as we drove in
They said this rooster brings goodluck
On the boat cruise, Miami skyline in the behind me
Enjoying another day at the beach

All in all, my first solo trip was a success, I was able to do what I wanted to do on my own time, I was able to clear my head and sort out some emotions. I was able to think without interruption lol…the only issue I have with solo travel is not having someone readily available to take my pictures  but I will definitely do it again.


Have you ever been on a solo trip? Did you like it? What else can i do in Miami when i go back ? 


2 thoughts on “My Very First Solo Trip To Miami

  1. You’re so bold… I dont think I could ever do a solo trip caz I love having my pics taken. Maybe I will try and accomplish that one of this days. Seems like you had a lot of fun. I took note of Dash and Sugar Factory (that meal looks great). Looks like a great exchange for the time share. Great post, I am glad you were able to take much needed time for yourself on this trip. I am certain your brother would want that for you as well. Looking forward to reading more about your trips and welcome back; you were greatly missed. Xoxo

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. I was scared at first too but when i got there, i felt at ease. Going to a solo travel friendly city helps too! with regards to having your pics taken, you can get a tripod and that’ll help a lot.

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