MLk Weekend Getaway to Atlanta


My girls and i went on a getaway trip to Atlanta, Ga for Mlk weekend. I had never visited Atlanta and i decided late last year to make it my first trip in 2017. I had always heard great thing about the city and wanted to check it out. I did some research on places to visit while there and also got low airfare on spirit airlines for my girls and i. We left on Friday night and returned Monday morning.

What i wasn’t prepared for was the size of the Hartfield-Jackson Airport in Atlanta. It is extremely huge and we had to literally jump through hoops to get around. After we got off the plane, we had to take the train to another terminal then go up a very high escalator and then go on a jet bridge before we finally arrived at the car rental area to pick up our rental car. The line was extremely long (Dollar rental), we were in line for over an hour 🙁  Finally, we were able to pick up the rental car and then drove another hour to my friend’s house in Acworth. At this point, we were exhausted as you can imagine so we went straight to bed.


On Saturday, we went downtown to see the aquarium, coca-cola factory and the centennial park. These places are literally in the same area so it was easy to go from one attraction to another. Downtown Atlanta was packed as you can imagine but we were able to find somewhere to park for $10. (some other parking places were asking for $50 lol) . You can buy the Atlanta city pass and get discounted tickets to most of the main attractions here



ATLANTA, US –  The World of Coca-Cola it’s  a 20-acre (81,000 m2) complex that welcomes over 1 million guests each year

We visited the world of Coca-cola first because they close earlier than the other attractions. We bought tickets right in front of the building and walked in. (Be prepared for a security check before you go into the factory proper). Once we were in, we were welcomed with a refreshing bottle of cocacola, the girls and i were excited 🙂 Every guest gets a drink and waits in the area before the factory tour starts. The girls and i took pictures while we waited and also drank our cold drinks. They then made an announcement that the tour was about to start and for everyone to get prepared. Once the door opened, we went into a room with a lot of coca cola artifacts from several countries and the tour guide gave a history lesson on everything. The lesson went on for about 20 minutes and then, we went into a theatre to watch a short movie about the good deeds that Coca Cola company does around the world. (It was very nice). After that, we went into an open space where we were told we could visit the remaining attractions at our own pace.

The attractions includes the coca cola polar bear area where you can take pictures with the bear, the tasting room and the vault. We took pictures with the polar bear first because there was a line, it was really fun. Next we went into the vault and  learned about the secret formula of coca cola (not 🙂 ) . Finally, we went to the tasting room which was the highlight of our time at the factory. We tasted several Coca Cola flavors from around the world and we definitely had too much sugar but it was so much fun. Lastly, there is a very huge gift shop located on site where you can buy different kinds of coca cola apparel and gift items.

My girls at the entrance
Free drinks before the tour started
Reception area where you get your free bottle of coke
semi dabbing?? lol
Picture with the polar bear
In the tasting room
The Vault
Inside the vault
Gift shop



This aquarium is so huge.  I had heard a lot of great things about this aquarium and its exhibits and was very excited to finally be visiting. The girls and I always visit aquariums when we travel to different cities. (It is a great learning experience for them). There are so many exhibits (sharks, sea lions, sting rays, penguins, dolphin show, Happy feet 4D movie etc ) and we were determined to see all of them one at a time. Enjoy the Pictures below 🙂

Sting Ray area
Watching sea lions swim around
Dolphin show up the escalators
Dolphin stadium..awesome show
4D happy feet show
My baby in the shark tank 🙂
Me and my baby girl



After we left the aquarium, we went to olympic centennial park and walked girls ran around the park and had loads of fun. There is a play ground in the park and also a place where you can take pictures with the olympic sign. After we left the park, we passed by sky view ( a nearly 20 stories high ferris wheel where you can see the aerial views of Atlanta). There was a very long long line so we didn’t get on it. We also walked by the CNN center but it was too late to visit at this point.

My girls running around at the olympic park

Atlanta’s Sky view


Finally, we grabbed something to eat after a long day downtown Atlanta at diner bakery company in Kennesaw, Ga. Food was very affordable and great.

Yummy Healthy Option meal


I will definitely visit Atlanta again. We didn’t get to visit the CNN center, the children’s museum, the zoo and the center for civil and human rights.


Have you been to Atlanta? where else should i check out when i go back ? Leave Comments please.


Living Inexpensively Always,

Francisca O.


2 thoughts on “MLk Weekend Getaway to Atlanta

  1. Reading this took me down memory lane. The first time I went to Hartfield-Jackson Airport, I missed my flight… it was overwhelmingly huge and I was like why do I even have to get on the train in the airport. But after been to Atlanta numerous times, it is safe to say I am over it.

    You covered all the tourist spots I went. Didn’t get to CNN though but it looks really beautiful from your pictures.

    When next you go to ATL, makes sure u check out Old Lady Gang 😉

    Lovely review.

    1. Hey Biola, thats airport is a hot mess 🙁

      I didn’t get to CNN either, i just took a pic 🙂

      I’m going back in august and will definitely check out Old Lady Gang!

      Thank you for your comment

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