Top Reasons to Become a Travel Blogger

People go into travel Blogging for different reasons. My fellow blogger Tomiko Harvey tells us why she started her travel blog “Passports and Grub” below! 

Tomiko Harvey is the creator of, a lifestyle blog with a focus on travel, cuisine, trying new things, and inspiring others to the same out of Nashville, TN. Her readers are very engaged and look to her to learn about off the beaten path destinations as well as her experiences with various types of foods and hotels. Through her travels she has learned that eating local foods and hanging with the locals is the best way to connect with a culture.



Passports and Grub

Travel blogging is a journal that the whole world can read and it is the main reason behind me setting up my own travel blog. I set up Passports and Grub for both my friends and family to read after I returned from Italy.  It seems everyone is writing about their travels or posting their travel photos on social media.  I couldn’t think of a better way to record my travels and share things I learned along the way than by starting my own blog.


Here are the reasons why I started journaling my travels.

The biggest advantages of me starting my travel blog are to help me remember my travels. Much like a travel journal, I could record the best parts of my travels and include photos and capture some of my best memories forever.

Meet other travelers

Travel writing is a great way to meet like-minded people who love travel, culture, and food. The travel blogging community has grown massively over the last few years so it is a great way to make new connections and network with brands.



Make new friends

It can often take a lot of effort to stay in touch with people on your travels or in social media group but with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram it’s a lot easier.   Passports and Grub allow me to regularly update all of my friends and family with my adventures online.

Money, Money, Money
Of course, if everyone could make money from travel blogging everyone would be doing it and there is no doubt there are lots of ways to earn money from your travels and work with brands. However, you must propose your blog as a business as brands will only want to work with you if you produce good content and reach out to a demographic that suits their own audience. However, remember to be realistic and spend time investing into your business.



Put it into perspective

It’s true that you don’t appreciate what you have till it’s gone. By writing about my travels it can often put things into perspective and therefore make those memories seem even more memorable. Scrolling through those travel photos inspires me every time to book another trip, remember people want the same thing out of life no matter what part of the country they live in.  I truly believe if more people traveled we wouldn’t live in such a divisive country.



Inspire others

This is the big one – the biggest enjoyment for me as a travel blogger is inspiring other people to get out of their comfort zone and live life now and not wait until they retire.  I have had so many people who have inboxed or emailed me just to say thank you for inspiring them to take that first trip away from home or that I have motivated them to even apply for a passport and they are taking their first international trip because of me.

What motivates you to travel? What is your passion?

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